Frosty Morning, ERR, January

When the wind is still enough, the crystals can grow all night.

  Shiann, Teri, Kelly, Jeff & Kristen, San Diego, February

Deb's got this quilting business down pat.

  Dick, Yellowstone, February

A great day for dodging the bison chips in Hidden Valley.

  Chelsea & Dad, home in the kitchen, March

Dueling laptops and bonding nerds (well, one anyway).

  Rosy Finches, Back Deck, April

A feeder full of finches, just passing through.

  Joyce Perkal & Deb, Kalaupapa, April

Kalaupapa is a place of haunting beauty.

  Deb, Arielle, Maia, Kimiko, Dick, & Rob, Kailua, April

Gathered in Joyce's back yard, enjoying a warm Hawaiian evening.

  Dick, Al Henn & Hilliard Goldman, Cranbrook, June

Old buddies at the 50th class reunion. Well-preserved, for dinosaurs.

  Esther and Mark, Calais, July

Boys are always more clueless than girls; seldom is it more evident.

  Samantha Souza and Chelsea, Missy's Wedding, Pullman, July

Old buddies reunited after almost ten years; girl-scout heritage undetectable.

  Paige, Esther, Mark, John, Aidan, Deb & Karin, Townsend, July

Grandmothering is getting to be big business.

  Deb, Whitefish Point, September

Deb was delighted to find that the Great Lakes have Great Beaches.

  Deb, Itasca State Park, September

We greatly enjoyed the many miles of bike paths at this Minnesota State Park.

  Monarch, Long Point Provincial Park, September

The only things thicker than the butterflies were the sand flies.

  Dick, Tim, Paige, John, Karin, Aidan & Deb, Calais, September

Second annual lobster feast; boiling the cabinet was the high spot.

  Jim, Mason, September

Best brother, best bike. Dick DID help with the woodpile.

  Sue, Emma, and Dick, Annapolis, October

Sue is the baby of the family; Mom, Dick, and his teddy are all older.

  Deb and the Roadtrek, Devil's Tower, October

The campervan, which we rescued from Katrina in August, made for a great Fall.

  Deb in the snow, November

Feeding birds in Montana is not for the faint-hearted.

  Hungarian Partridges, Montana, December

This has been a great year for birds, from rosy finches in spring to Sandhill cranes in summer and then these cute little guys in the winter.

  Chelsea, Dick, Deb, Sacramento, December

We had a great Christmas with Deb's whole family at Meg and Tim's.

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