Deb and Dick, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, May

It wasn't a tourist day at Yellowstone, but we all had a great time!

  Deb and Joyce, American Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, May

Not intended to imply that these ladies are wildlife or museum pieces, just art.

  Teton Range, Grand Teton National Park, May

It's hard to find mountains more spectacular than the Tetons!

  Arielle, Maia, and Chelsea, Homolulu, June

Needless to say, the girls enjoyed having their auntie visit from the mainland.

  Chelsea, Maia, and Arielle, Honolulu, June

Cute ladies run in the family!

  Patty, Brooke, and Marty, Eagle Rock Reserve, June

It turned out to be a bit wintery in Yellowstone -- we had surprise visitors!

  Deb and Fonzie, Quake Lake, June

Fonzie loves to go for rides ... smart dog!

  Karin, John, Aidan, and Mark, Albuquerque, July

About to head for the hospital, to welcome Mark into the world.

  Deb and Mark, Albuquerque, July

Professional help with pride ... nothing like it!

  Aidan and Mark, Albuquerque, July

He is not too sure about this little brother stuff.

  Duane and Matt Nelsen, Eagle Rock Reserve, July

Nary a golf ball nor a fish escaped.

  Ray and Cathee Souza, Eagle Rock Reserve, July

Hawaii (Vancouver style) came to the Bozone.

  Bambi meets the bird feeder, Eagle Rock Reserve, August

They don't look particularly worried about Fonzie, do they?

  Young buck, Eagle Rock Reserve, August

It's a good bet that this is the guy who did in the aspens!

  Grandma Jane's 75th birthday party, Oceanside, August.

Front Row: Kelly, Jane, Brooke
Back Row: Aimee, Cheyanne, Chad, Jeffrey, Kristen, and Chelsea

  Grandma Jane, Glacier National Park, August

It takes some kind of grand dame to do the Iceberg Lake hike at 75!

  Bow Lake, Banff National Park, Canada, August

One of hundreds of spectacular pictures from the trip in celebration of Jane's 75th.

  Early Snow, Eagle Rock Reserve, September

Summer is short in Montana, but Indian Summer is spectacular.

  Fall color, Eagle Rock Reserve, October

Maples, Montana Style.

  Fall Entertainment, Eagle Rock Reserve, October

This is how to make house painting at least a little fun.

  Bird Feeder, "After" Picture, Eagle Rock Reserve, October

We reckon we have a bear to thank for this one.

  Recent Additions and Their Parents, Calais, October

Left to right: Dick, Deb, Karin, Aidan, John Walker, Mark, Paige, Esther, Tim.

  Pot of Grandkids, Calais, October

Esther and Mark, enjoying their swimming pot.

  Haydon Ladies and kids, Fairfield, October

Left to right: Sarah, Teri, Claire, Jill, and Amy.

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