Deb, Disney World, January
Deb is proud to have finished an entire marathon on Haydon legs, while raising more than $6K for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
  Deb, Bozeman, March
This is the clean-up pile in our driveway after the biggest blow and the fiercest drifting we have yet seen in Montana -- we were snowed in for about 24 hours!
  Dick and Deb, Great Barrier Reef, July
Hard to take ... middle of the winter in Australia ... a world-class place to visit.
  Deb, Cape Hillsborough National Park, July
This was one of Deb's favorite places, for the beach, the people, and the wildlife.
  Deb, A wallaby encounter, July
The family "good looker" didn't need any special skill to spot this one! It came right into the campground at Cape Hillsborough.
  Dick and Deb, Carnarvon National Park, July
Dick's favorite place in the outback -- beautiful canyons and aboriginal rock art!
  The Big Mandarin, Queensland, July
We enjoyed all of Australia's "bigs", but this one in Mundubbera was the most colorful.
  The Big Oyster, Taree, Queensland, July.
Not as colorful as the Big Mandarin, but not your ordinary car dealership!
  Arielle and Maia, Honolulu, October.
Bathing beauties, with a shower curtain coming to the rescue of the senior sister.
  Maia, Honolulu, October.
Life is simple when you are two. Look at those clean teeth!
  Mom, Jim & Susie, Annapolis, October.
The ladies fell head over heels over their favorite physician.
  Aidan, Bozeman, November.
This boy played with the ball game for a whole week.
  Auntie Chelsea and Aidan, Bozeman, November.
Chelsea and Aidan have a mutual admiration society.
  Deb and her baby, Bozeman, November.
Chelsea doesn't fit on her Mom's lap quite as well as she used to.
  Deb and Aidan, Bozeman, November.
Aidan helped Grandma Deb celebrate her birthday -- one candle per decade.
  Karin and John Walker, Bozeman, November.
Proud parents listening to something about their firstborn.
  Traute, Bozeman, November.
Oma was glad to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family.

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