Maia at four months, Honolulu

We went to Hawaii in January for the Yohkoh 10th anniversary meeting, and got to meet our second grand-daughter Maia at that time.
  Deb and Fonzie, Bozeman, February

In February we adopted a chow/golden retriever mix, to the mutual delight of the Canfields and the local humane society.
  Fonzie, Bozeman, February

Any place warmer than Nome is too hot for this dog.
  Paige and Tim, Jackson, April

Paige and Tim kindly came from Vermont to install cabinets for Paige's old Dad, and their skill freed up a day to go to The American Musuem of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming.
  Dick working on the kitchen, Bozeman, May

Doing dishes on the back porch gets a little old, and provides a man with a little additional motivation.
  Ari at Punahou School, Honolulu, May

In Hawaii, May 1 is a special day.  Here's Arielle at school that day (she's almost done with kindergarten)
  Emma, Aidan, and Karin, Annapolis, May

Our grandson Aidan and his mom Karin visiting his great-grandma Emma at Ginger Cove, Annapolis, May.
  Aidan, Emma, Chelsea, Dick, Annapolis, May

The same stars, different supporting actors, from the same visit to Great-Grandma Emma's apartment at Ginger Cove, Annapolis.
  Aidan and Deb, Albuquerque, June

An American Astronomical Society meeting in Albuquerque in June gave us lots of chances to take Aidan to a local park.
  Aidan, Albuquerque, June

What boy can pass up a tree?
  Dick, John, Aidan, Albuquerque, June

Genetics in action
  Dick and Deb, near Banff, August

A meeting in another nice place gave us a chance to get in some hiking. It's important to go to meetings!
  Dick and Deb, near Banff, August

This meeting gave us more than one chance to get in some hiking. You can't go to all the scientific sessions!
  Teri, Marty, & Deb, Fairfield, September

Deb met her sister Teri and brother Marty in Connecticut, to celebrate the wedding of their cousin Keith. More genetics in action!
  Kitchen nearing completion, Bozeman, November

It's important to install the refrigerator as soon as possible, so you can refrigerate appropriate beverages.
  Kitchen nearing completion, Bozeman, November

Double oven means pies in one, cookies in the other.
  John, Chelsea & Aidan, Albuquerque, November

Chelsea spent Thanksgiving with her favorite nephew and his parents. A good time was had by all.

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