Deb, Natural Bridges NP, March
We went to Albuquerque to see our grandson Aidan (and his Mom and Dad, of course), and did some tourism in Arizona and Utah on the way back home.
  Chelsea in her Graduation Dress, Bozeman, June
Here's Chelsea modeling her graduation dress. She almost froze when it snowed and the temperature was 20 degrees Farenheit on graduation day!
  Chelsea and her parents, BHS Graduation, June
Chelsea and her friends got a special shipment of leis from Hawaii for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
  More than a little snow, Bozeman, June 13
This "Spring" snowfall measured about 16" at our house, and was so wet that it damaged trees all over town.
  Two days later, Bozeman, June 15
What snow? Did it snow just two days earlier? Hard to believe!
  Dick and Deb, Cathedral Lake, June
We traveled to a meeting in Snowmass, Colorado, and took advantage of the opportunity to go for a couple of great hikes in the Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness Area. We enjoyed hiking there just as much as we did 25 years ago, just noticed that the trail was steeper.
  Dick, John (Walker), Aidan, Aunt Sue at Flaming Gorge, July
Chelsea was joined by 20 family members from near and far. The oldest was Grandma Jane, who was hard to find because the wind never stopped, and the youngest was Aidan, seen in this picture.
  Rob, Kimiko, Arielle; John(Walker, Aidan; Grandpa Dick, Yellowstone NP, August.
Rob and Kimi were not able to get away for the Flaming Gorge trip; Yellowstone was a great consolation prize.
  Deb, John (Walker), and Aidan Floating on the Madison River, August.
A float trip on the Madison river is always a fun way to spend a hot summer day in Montana.
  Rob, Kimi, Arielle, and Grandpa Dick, Bozeman, August.
We take a walk down to the horse pasture in Eagle Rock Reserve to dispense a few carrots.
  Grandpa Dick and Arielle, Bozeman, August.
Grandpa being silly with Arielle.
  Deb, Meg, and Teri, Palm Springs, November.
Sisters: Celebrating Deb's 50th birthday in Palm Springs.
  Rob, Kimi, Arielle, and our new granddaughter Maia, Honolulu, December
We look forward to meeting our third granchild in Hawaii in January, when we go there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Yohkoh mission.

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